Hear and Now is a digitally recorded weekly talking newspaper presenting stories, features and information from our local newspapers – The Dawlish Gazette and Teignmouth News and from other local sources.

It is made available to listeners on a reusable USB memory stick which is delivered free of charge to our listeners by first class post, sent out on the day of production – usually a Friday.

Strand Hall, Dawlish
Strand Hall, Dawlish, Devon

Our listeners are those who are blind or have poor eyesight as well as anyone who has difficulties with reading or handling printed matter. It is also available to the elderly and housebound – in fact anyone who welcomes a friendly voice bringing them the local news and information each week in their own homes.

Hear and Now is also available here on our website each week for listeners who have internet access. Copies also go to local libraries and nursing homes.

USB player - yellow and black in colour
USB player

USB player for Hear and Now Talking Newspaper A simple to use digital memory stick player with excellent sound production is available to our listeners. The player is specifically designed for those with sight difficulties. Each unit costs us £35 and we invite listeners, if they are able, to purchase the player or contribute towards the cost. For anyone who cannot afford this we provide it free of charge without any questions or enquiries relying entirely on the listener to make that decision.

The recording comes in an easily opened postal pouch and is returned to us in the same way after use for us to reuse – again free of charge.

Do you have a relative or friend who might welcome receiving the weekly Hear and Now? Please explain to them what we have to offer and if they agree ask them to contact us – by telephone or in any other way or, with their permission, please give us their name and details using the contact page.